The future of systems is not in pure automation without human involvement. The future we believe is when human wisdom is not lost but rather that wisdom is ingested into the organizations knowledge base. We often hear that older organizations had exceptional leaders and employees who spend decades in the organizations and would have reaped man years of wisdom and expertise from their time in the companies. If you look at the cumulative salaries that have been paid for the staff from the founding of the companies it would be millions for even small companies and hundreds of millions in terms of medium companies. We believe that the systems of tomorrow should not waste the cumulative collective cognitive asset of the organizations. Millions of man years of knowledge, skill and passion should not be lost. However technology grows , however artificial intelligence develops there will always remain one thing that will not be digitized. We call it the HuMultiplier. Or the human multiplier. Take for example Google Search. Google search is a technology marvel. But does everybody search in the same magnitude. I am sure you have come across people who can drill data from the internet unlike the most of us. What adds to the impact is not just the power of google but also the Humultiplier of that person. This Humultipleir effect of people and of teams should not be lost when those people leave or the those teams are disbanded. That PEEKS (Passion, Experience , Expertise , Knowledge and Skills) has to be ingested into the C3A of the company. (Cumulative Collective Cognitive Asset). Let us take the example of Kodak. Imagine the thousands of the highly capable people and teams that worked there. What a waste that all that man-centuries of PEEKS was flushed away.Suppose you are a construction company and you completed a massive project. There will be hundreds of lessons and learnings that can be reused in the future with some modifications and additions. Systems of the future will need to capture and preserve these datapoints and make it a form that can be used by the company in the future. If you are an fmcg company that is threatened by a fierce competitor, the lessons your predecessor learnt from a success or failure can be useful for you. If you get a case study from a leading consultant , how can that PDF be fed into your system to generate a suggestion for a strategy . The AI systems will be challenged by CCC systems. Cumulative Collective Cognitive systems. Cumulative standing for all the man years of PEEKS, Collective standing for the synergy of the teams and collaboration. Cognitive standing for AI , Blockchain , Quantum Computing etc. Humanity is not threatened by AI. Humanity would and should augment itself with it .