In ancient China there was this saying. When out of greed , a few smart men dried the pond to catch all the fish and make as much money as possible. Yes they made a lot more money that week. But the pond that was a constant revenue source for centuries had died. They had not just taken all the fish . They had destroyed the ecosystem. They had cut open the chicken in search of all the eggs. In the economy, there will be elements who will constantly try to dry the pond. The regulators should be very vigilant about these actors because they are destroying a vital part of the economy. One of the saddest parts of steroid banking and steroid investing was that the ecosystem was dried up by certain banks and certain vc firms. Take the case of the huge loans given to certain big firms, they take the loan for a very small rate , then go to city after city , underprice their products ,destroy all their competitors , then rise prices and when the economy crashes , fire a huge number of their staff , mostly get a bailout from their loans. The same with vc firms that invest in selected startups to give discount coupons to customers who will ditch other companies and flock to the steroid unicorns. The same happens to the ecosystem. If capitalism needs to sustain and survive, it should be vigilant about being self canibalised by capitalism.