This is a question found in most places. I would like to reframe that question so that I can explain better . Will tools replace humans . Now I think most people can see that this is something that has been happening from the day one of human existence. Every civilisation that dominated the world had some sort of dominant tool either tangible or intangible over the civilisation that they were able to dominate . From the Egyptians to the Babylonians to the Macedonians , Romans, Arabs , Turks to the English, German to the Japanese to the Chinese. Even the barbaric mongol tribes had a tool : their art of warfare. And all the time , the conquered had the same question we had . Will this conquering civilisation with their tools dominate the future forever. See the Indians at the time of the British would have thought exactly like us, when they saw the technology , processes and tools of the British. It was that defeated mindset of the vanquished that made the conquerors stay for long. But the moment the vanquished started understanding and learning and in some cases outgrowing their masters they became the next dominant civilisation. This was a pattern that has been repeating in history. Why we could not recognise it was because in the old days it was ethnic races now it’s innovators. We should be glad . Anybody can become an innovator. A hundred years ago you could not become an Englishman to be respected. But today you can innovate. That is your most human trait. Every child is born creative . Rediscover your creativity. And join the league of liberators.